about my work

I initiated my studies in instrument making in 1994 with the harpsichord makers Abel Vargas and William Takahashi. My general education includes mechanics, restoration, music, sculpture and art history. My interest for early music has led me to study abroad.  I studied restoration and lute making in Hungary and later served an apprenticeship with  Alexander Hopkins  in Spain. I graduated in Fine Arts-Sculpture at Universidade de São Paulo in 2009 and received a Master of Arts degree in Music Technology at London Metropolitan University (former London School of Furniture) in 2011. 

I owe to the good professionals with whom I have worked for all these years my respect for musicological research, technical precision and for historically-oriented musical interpretation. These concepts are put by me in practise through the use of wood and techniques coherent with the historical context of the instrument. 
I build my instruments using manual tools of the best quality, use only traditional/restoration grade glues and make my own varnish with natural resins.