Jean Louvet, dit Louvet Le Jeune...

Copy of a Vielle à Roue by Jean Louvet, 1744, at the Musée de la Musique, in Paris.
The original instrument was made with recycled parts of a baroque guitar, but nevertheless shows the high standard of craftsmanship of the Louvet family. Other instruments in the same collection, and in the collection of the Victoria an Albert Museum, by Jean and Pierre Louvet have similar details, although not such an interesting use of materials. As in the french baroque guitars, the back of this instrument is of veneered exotic woods over a board of spruce. Internally, the use of Limewood, Horn, Mahogany and Pearwood is incidental, but the belly arching is the same in all the instruments, and the carvings very similar. Similar moulds and carving models have been used, if not the same ones.