Aston Martin Magazine

Interview and photo shoot at my Sao Paulo workshop by Aston Martin Magazine. Thank you Andy Tongue, Jonathan Bell and André Vieira (photographer)

Please check Aston Martin's digital edition. From page 62:




Wallpaper* August 2013

I'm honoured to be part of an edition dedicated to crafts. This came on the wake of the Modern Crafts Project prize, which has been helping me to organise another season of studies.


Belchior Dias

Copy of a fluted-vaulted baroque guitar by Belchior Dias, Lisbon 1581, now at the Royal College of Music, London. The oldest surviving 5-course guitar, or a late vihuela, according to a long debate.  The original is an exquisite instrument, with rosewood ribs bent in both ways, using a complicated technique that has been lost. It may have been made with steam bending, as has this version. The egg-shelled back supports itself remarkably well, and does not need bars, making this a very light and resonant instrument,  with rosewood and ebony back, sides, and veneered neck. Tuned in g, with ten frets. The original rose and soundboard did not survive a repair made around the 18thC. , so this version borrows a graceful rose from the collection of the Royal College of Music.